• How to Help Animals when Adoption isn’t an Option

    Whatever your reason for responsibly not adopting a dog or cat, there are other ways you can help animals immensely.
  • From Awkward Closet to Cute Storage Nook

    When Mr. Reggie's and I bought the Little Blue Ranch back in April, we bought it with full intentions to fix it up. So far we've put on a new roof, built a fence, and updated the guest bathroom. Our most recent project was our awkward hallway closet.
  • Why I Love Handmade Goods (& You Should Too)!

    It’s no secret that I support handmade goods and shopping small. I like the thought of supporting a neighbor’s lifelong dream rather than helping a CEO take his sixth vacation to Fiji. I don’t mind spending a little more on a handmade good knowing where it came from and that whoever made it is probably so excited that someone appreciates their trade enough to support it. Here are some more reasons I love handmade items:
  • 6 things about being Cruelty Free your Friends WANT to Know

    If you have friends + family willing to learn about how easy and great it is to be cruelty free, share this post with them! Here are six things you can tell your friends about being cruelty free.
  • The 3 Greeting Cards You Should Always Have on Hand

    I always say that opportunities to make people feel special creep up on us – I mean keeping track of my life is difficult enough, let alone all my friends + family! That’s why I have never regretted having a few extra happy birthday cards, congrats cards, and thank you cards stashed away for these exact circumstances.
  • North Woods Charm is now Reggie's Paper Co.

    This is my official announcement of the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another: North Woods Charm is now Reggie’s Paper Co.

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